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You can find this in The Highly Sensitive Child book, or online at Is Your Child Highly Sensitive. You may tick just about every item on the checklist of High Sensitivity markers to describe your child, or you may check only a couple, but feel your child is strongly exhibiting those signs. Either way, if items on that checklist ring a bell for you then you probably have a Highly Sensitive Child.

Take Elaine Aron’s online Are You Highly Sensitive Test

Coming soon Elaine Aron’s movie about High Sensitivity Sensitive The Movie

Great Blogs

Andy Mort – Sheep Dressed Like Wolves

A great blog by a Mum who is passionate about spreading the word so more parents , carers and teachers better understand the highly sensitive child Sensitive and Extraordinary

The importance of Dad’s when raising highly Sensiti ve Children The Good Men Project

Helping parents to raise strong and sensitve boys Dr Ted Zeff

A story of a Mum realising she had a highly sensitive child Story of Mum

Growing Happy Kids

A blog for all who are parenting, caring or educating a highly sensitive child from A Mother and writer who knows all about it. Happy Sensitive Kids


Special Needs Education and Support Organisations

Helping Children with Attention Issues and Learning Diffculties Understood

Help develop social & emotional wellbeing in children & young people so they are better able to engage with life & are ready for learning.  Every child needs to feel valued, involved and appreciated Thrive Approach

How education system is killing Creativity Sir Ken Robinson

ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) is a charity that supports children with continence problems and campaigns for better childhood continence care.  Their website provides information and support on bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling and potty training